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What is SAE?

Welcome to SAE, an immersive survival experience that thrusts you into the challenges of island life. Stranded and alone, you'll navigate the rugged terrain, battling the elements and forging your path to survival.


Discover Sunken Treasures: Explore Shipwrecks for Valuable Loot!

Venture into the depths and explore the mysteries of sunken vessels. With a dash of fortune, stumble upon these submerged relics, teeming with valuable loot and essential resources. Dive into the adventure and unearth treasures hidden beneath the waves, turning the ocean floor into your personal fortune.


Embark on Your Journey: Explore the Vast World of Possibilities!

Once you set foot in the game, the world is yours to command! Whether you're crafting shelter from the trees or traversing the breathtaking landscapes of SAE, the choice is yours. Let your imagination run wild as you carve out your own path in this immersive adventure.


Dive into the Depths:

Explore the Enchanting Underwater Realm!

Delve into the mesmerizing depths and uncover the wonders of the underwater world within SAE. But tread cautiously, for lurking beneath the surface are formidable sharks, ready to challenge your exploration. Keep an eye out for prickly sea urchins as well, adding a touch of danger to your aquatic adventure. Immerse yourself in the captivating underwater landscapes of SAE and encounter a plethora of fascinating sea creatures waiting to be discovered!

A rowboat

Escape into tranquility with our ruderboats. Glide through calm waters, savoring every moment of your journey.

Discover Serenity: Rowing Adventures Await!

two shovels

Set out on thrilling treasure hunts in SAE, scouring the land for buried riches. Explore forgotten ruins and secluded spots, uncovering ancient artifacts and valuable loot as you go. Will you be the one to claim the ultimate prize?

Unearth Hidden Riches: Treasure Hunting in SAE


Experience Realism: SAE's Dynamic Day-Night and Weather System

Dive into the immersive world of SAE, where the day-night cycle and weather patterns are as dynamic as the real world. From vibrant sunsets to ominous storms, every moment is alive with the realism of nature's ever-changing moods.


Shape Your World: SAE's Custom Building System

Let your creativity run wild as you wield the power of SAE's custom building system. With a diverse array of materials and tools at your disposal, you can sculpt the landscape and erect structures that reflect your unique style and purpose.

An anvil

Elevate your crafting skills with SAE's anvil and smelting furnace. Forge weapons of power and refine materials to unlock their full potential. Unleash your creativity and shape the world to your will.

Craft with Precision: Workbench, Anvil and Smelting Furnace

A cave

Journey into the depths and uncover hidden marvels in our caves. Discover the secrets that lie beneath the surface as you navigate through winding passages and marvel at the wonders within.

Unveiling the Depths: Embark on Cave Exploration!

So, what are you waiting for?

If you want to support us, wishlist our game on Epic Games and Steam and follow us on our social media channels. You can also buy products from our shop. The money goes directly into development!

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