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SAE's new sky

Updated: May 7

Original post from 18/09/2023.

Good to see you back here!

We have used the last few weeks intensively to extensively revise the sky and weather in our game SAE. Among other things, there are now high-resolution 3D volumetric clouds that change according to the current weather and wind direction and speed.

The coverage of the sky is also dynamic: this means that sometimes there are no clouds at all and sometimes the entire sky is covered in clouds.

Experience Spectacular Weather!

We're thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to the weather system in our game. Brace yourself for intense rainfall and massive thunderstorm cells, complete with thunder and lightning!

But that's not all - with this update, you'll also witness the formation of rain puddles on the ground and the mesmerizing sight of water droplets cascading down objects. It's truly a sight to behold!

During these weather events, it might be wise to seek shelter indoors. Not only will you stay dry, but you'll also enjoy the peace and quiet away from the thunderous roar outside.

Rain puddles on the floor
Rain puddles on the floor

Water drops on objects
Water drops on objects

Thank you for reading!



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