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Signs and Sacred Altars!

Updated: May 7

Original Post from 25/03/2023

The Time Has Arrived: Introducing Signs and Altars!

Altars stand as ancient stone monuments from a long-forgotten era, offering a glimpse into the past and the promise of rare treasures. In exchange for the elusive ancient coins, these enigmatic structures allow for the exchange of various items. But first, altars must be discovered amidst the landscape and ignited with the power of fire to unlock their secrets.

Signs are invaluable tools for marking locations, labeling chests, or injecting a bit of humor into your world. With the ability to adhere to almost any surface and offer infinite customization, signs provide endless possibilities for creativity.

Whether placed on a wall, door, or even the ground, signs adapt to suit your needs seamlessly.

Please note that the current design of signs is subject to change as we strive for perfection. We welcome any suggestions for improvement or new ideas from our community. Your input is essential in shaping the evolution of our game, so don't hesitate to reach out to us!

A sign on a tree
A sign on a tree

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